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Links to Some Fun Games

How good are you with US geography?  Try to place the states in the proper locations on the US map.
Place The State - Intermediate

Try your reflexes out by controlling these sheep.
Sheep Shooter

Try to keep from hanging this Animated Skeleton.
Summertime Hangman created by The Dimension's Edge, Inc.

OH NO, this is like herding cats!  

Move your cursor over the numbers starting with 1, then 2, etc. and see how quickly you can get through 33.  You don't need to click -- Just touch the number with the cursor.   This a good one for keeping your brain sharp, but it helps if your eyesight is excellent.
 Click Here:


Behind the scenes at the San Diego Zoo
Doctor Suzie has a friend who works at the San Diego Zoo, who gave Suzie's family a special behind the scenes tour, May 9, 2007.  They met a Cheetah, a tiger, fed the giraffes, and toured the zoo's hospital.  Click on the picture below to see pictures taken during the tour.


Sky Hunters Raptors
On December 12, 2004, Sky Hunters Raptor Education and Rehabilitation Ranch had an open house.  They had a number of birds of prey on display.  Click on the picture to see pictures taken at the event.

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