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Woodworking Project 

The Woodworking Project is in need of a leader.


Photos taken at the April 2, 2010 (Good Friday) Project Meeting at Dulzura Community Building

WoodworkingApril2010_025.JPG (77592 bytes)
Woodworking Project - Adam is painting a bird house.
WoodworkingApril2010_026.JPG (89780 bytes)
Woodworking Project - Natilie stands by while Dana and her neighbor Harvy assemble the bird house.
WoodworkingApril2010_027.JPG (81514 bytes)
Harvy staples the two pieces of wood together.
WoodworkingApril2010_028.JPG (64477 bytes)
AJ prepares to paint the bird house.
WoodworkingApril2010_030.JPG (86511 bytes)
The next bird house is assembled and ready to paint.
WoodworkingApril2010_031.JPG (53450 bytes)
Sidney checks out a partly assembled bird house.


Jon Fowler made the white shelf and hat rack in the Woodworking Project.  Jon, George, and Lucas made shelves and entered them in the 2005 San Diego East County Jr. Fair.

Another picture of Jon's shelf.


Photos from previous year's Woodworking Project.

The Woodworking Project Leader Pointing out his Tools.

Kermit Educates two Members, Kevin Smith and Nicole Fletcher on the Safe Use of Tools. 



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