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Quilting Project

The quilting project is not offered this year.  The project leader was Dana Fletcher.  For ages nine and above. 
Come make a raggy quilt, great for holidays or to match your room.  Simple straight line sewing and quilting as you go, all stitched by machine.

Pictures from 2010-2011 Quilting Project
Click on the thumbnails for a full size photo.

Pictures taken at the May 2011 Quilting Project Meetings, as the members put the finishing touches on their quilts: QuiltingMay11_17.JPG (94848 bytes)
Chelsea has her quilt pieces layed out in preparation to sew them together.
QuiltingMay11_18.JPG (53075 bytes)
Lindsey is cutting her material.
QuiltingMay11_21.JPG (93452 bytes)
Taylor holds up his quilt in progress.
QuiltingMay11_22.JPG (75268 bytes)
A flag quilt.
QuiltingMay11_23.JPG (72335 bytes)
Jannettie's quilt is done.
QuiltingMay11_24.JPG (87092 bytes)
Jessie's quilt is done.
QuiltingMay11_25.JPG (52032 bytes)
Taylor is using the Long Arm.
QuiltingMay11_26.JPG (41278 bytes)
Taylor is using the Long Arm.
At the April 2011 Quilting Project Meeting: QuiltingApr11_49.JPG (55259 bytes)
Taylor showing the progress on his quilt at the Quilting Project meeting. This is his second quarter of the quilt.
QuiltingApr11_50.JPG (51713 bytes)
Rachel and Jannettie are sewing their quilts.
QuiltingApr11_51.JPG (101252 bytes)
Rachel shows off her quilt.
QuiltingApr11_52.JPG (94928 bytes)
A closeup of Rachel's quilt block.
QuiltingApr11_53.JPG (54013 bytes)
Chelsea's first block for her quilt.
At the February 2011 Quilting Project Meeting: QuiltingFeb11_2.JPG (47863 bytes)
Taylor is sewing his pattern at the February 2011 Quiting Project meeting.
QuiltingFeb11_3.JPG (49419 bytes)
Jessie and Rachael are working on their project at the February 2011 Quilting Project meeting.
QuiltingFeb11_6.JPG (53977 bytes)
Lindsey holds up her cloth at the February 2011 Quilting Project meeting.
QuiltingFeb11_4.JPG (68455 bytes)
Jannettie is checking her cell phone(?) at the February 2011 Quilting Project meeting.
QuiltingFeb11_5.JPG (68838 bytes)
Chelsea is cutting material at the February 2011 Quilting Project meeting.
At the January 2011 Quilting Project Meeting: QuiltingJan11_01.jpg (65637 bytes)
 Chelsea, Jennettie & Taylor at the January 2011 Quilting Project meeting.
QuiltingJan11_02.jpg (48333 bytes)
Cowabunga! Jessie finished her cow at the January 2011 Quilting Project meeting.

QuiltingJan11_03.jpg (40775 bytes)
Lindsey working on Shamrock quilt at the January 2011 Quilting Project meeting.

QuiltingJan11_04.jpg (68315 bytes)
Rachel & her applique bird quilt top at the January 2011 Quilting Project meeting.

QuiltingJan11_05.jpg (59364 bytes)
Taylor is taking a break at the January 2011 Quilting Project meeting.


Pictures from 2009-2010 Quilting Project
Click on the thumbnails for a full size photo.

QuiltingDec09_1.JPG (58476 bytes)
 Sammi is sewing strips for her quilt at the December 2009 Sewing Project meeting.

QuiltingDec09_2.JPG (59769 bytes)
Jessie is sewing her strips.

QuiltingDec09_3.JPG (49001 bytes)
Sarah threaded her sewing machine her self.

QuiltingDec09_4.JPG (60073 bytes)
Rachel is sewing nine-patches.
QuiltingDec09_5.JPG (46870 bytes)
Jannettie is showing off her sewing expertiese.
QuiltOct09_1.JPG (93471 bytes)
The quilt that was made for the Petersons in 2008, is now hanging above the bed in their new house.

QuiltingJan10_01.jpg (45041 bytes)
Rachel is holding up her blocks for the quilt.

QuiltingJan10_02.jpg (60292 bytes)
Rachel's Tropical Snowball Center of her quilt

QuiltingJan10_03.jpg (28540 bytes)
Rachel is holding Tristan, Dana and Kevin's grandson.  Tristan's mother, Nicole, was a club member and project leader of Jamul 4-H.

Jannettie's Center for her Breast Cancer Quilt.jpg (79817 bytes)
Janettie's Center for Breast Cancer Quilt.
Jannettie's New Horse Blanket.jpg (49959 bytes)
Jannettie's new horse blanket. She said that it was made with the sewing skills she learned in quilting.
Jessie's Kite Tail.jpg (57137 bytes)
Jessie's "Kite Tail" block squares.
QuiltingFeb10_326.JPG (50284 bytes)
Rachel is working on her quilt at the February meeting.
QuiltingFeb10_327.JPG (49817 bytes)
Rachel, Jennette, and Sammy take a break from sewing to smile for the camera.
QuiltingFeb10_328.JPG (51554 bytes)
Sidney smiles for the camera.
QuiltingFeb10_330.JPG (55411 bytes)
Teri helps Sara with a triangle cutting guide template.
QuiltingMar10_369.JPG (55669 bytes)QuiltingMar10_370.JPG (53433 bytes)
Sidney opens up her quilt and shows both sides at the March meeeting.
QuiltingMar10_371.JPG (53710 bytes)
Sara displays her quilt.
QuiltingMar10_372.JPG (72905 bytes)
Jennette displays her quilt.
QuiltingMar10_373.JPG (71495 bytes)
A close-up of Jennette's quilt.
QuiltingMar10_376.JPG (82477 bytes)
Rachel has finished one side of her quilt.
QuiltingMar10_386.JPG (75616 bytes)
Catie's quilt is finished.
QuiltingMar10_387.JPG (68867 bytes)
A close-up of Catie and her quilt.
QuiltingApr10_408.JPG (94368 bytes)
Rachel's quilt is finished.  Just in time for ESDCJF.

Pictures from 2008-2009 Quilting Project
Click on the thumbnails for a full size photo.

QuiltingFeb09_3.JPG (54363 bytes)
Catie and Jo working on their Quilting project for ESDCJF.
QuiltingFeb09_1.JPG (39873 bytes) QuiltingFeb09_2.JPG (47690 bytes)
QuiltingApr09_1.jpg (51232 bytes)
Catie & Jo Cutting out Quilt strips.
QuiltingApr09_2.jpg (48619 bytes)
Catie's first finished fish block.
QuiltingApr09_3.jpg (51303 bytes)
Rachel at Art & Design Day- In Process Quilt.
QuiltingApr09_4.jpg (63965 bytes)
Rachel at Art & Design Day with Bead Project.
QuiltingApr09_5.jpg (48807 bytes)
Rachel and her 2 First Place Ribbons at Art & Design Day.
QuiltingApr09_6.jpg (60929 bytes)
Rachel is laying out her finished quilt blocks.
QuiltingApr09_7.jpg (65829 bytes)
Rachel-Finally got all blocks done. YEAH!.jpg
QuiltingMay09_6.jpg (43475 bytes)
Rachael is using the long arm quilting machine.

QuiltingMay09_8.jpg (66507 bytes)
Jo is using the long arm to sew her quilt.
QuiltingMay09_9.jpg (66422 bytes)
Jo's quilt is nearly finished.
QuiltingMay09_3.JPG (84252 bytes)
Rachael shows off her quilt that won Grand Champion for Sewing at ESDCJF.

Pictures from 2007-2008 Quilting Project
Click on the thumbnails for a full size photo.

Jo & Natasha Starting new quilts.jpg (83769 bytes)

Natasha & Vicky Busy Stitching.jpg (67808 bytes)

Pattie's 1st quilt.jpg (87192 bytes)

Pattie's Beautiful Twist & Turn.jpg (111920 bytes)

Catie's 1st finished block.jpg (73119 bytes)

Jo still making Log Cabin blocks.jpg (55868 bytes)

Nikki, Teri & Catie doing the math.jpg (65126 bytes) Vicky - How BIG is quarter inch.jpg (59825 bytes) Catie, Teri & Patty Cutting up.jpg (83356 bytes)
Jo sewing log cabin blocks.jpg (59483 bytes) Grandma Lindsey Organizing strips.jpg (84190 bytes) Heather & Vicky Cutting up.jpg (87093 bytes)

The Quilting Project made a quilt with sheep on it.  The quilt was given to Gene and Dale to help replace the ones lost when their house burned down by the 2007 San Diego Wildfires.

The patch has the names of those who helped make the quilt.  The names are written on the faces of the sheep.

Pictures from 2005-2006 Quilting Project
Click on the thumbnails for a full size photo.

QuiltingOct05_1.JPG (59115 bytes) QuiltingOct05_2.JPG (41659 bytes) QuiltingOct05_3.JPG (47649 bytes)
QuiltingOct05_4.JPG (46084 bytes) QuiltingOct05_5.JPG (49733 bytes) QuiltingOct05_6.JPG (45001 bytes)
Quilting06_621.JPG (65733 bytes)
Natasha's quilt is well on its way for the Eastern San Diego County Junior Fair.
Quilting06_622.JPG (41809 bytes)
Catie Corle is sewing pieces of fabric together.
Quilting06_623.JPG (57936 bytes)
Jo is sitting behind the Brother sewing machine.
Quilting06_624.JPG (45636 bytes)
Natasha is preparing to sew another patch for her quilt (shown above).
Quilting06_625.JPG (57545 bytes)
Heather is still working on her quilt she started two years ago when she was a 4-H member.
Quilting06_693.JPG (68646 bytes)
Natasha's quilt is nearly finished.  Next is to add the border.
Quilting06_694.JPG (77178 bytes)
Another picture of Natasha's quilt.
Quilting06_719.JPG (41602 bytes)
Catie is behind the sewing machine.
Quilting06_720.JPG (39695 bytes)
This sewing machine was donated by the Brother Company to 4-H.  It is loaned to our club's Sewing project.
Quilting06_721.JPG (43563 bytes)
Natasha is using the Brother Sewing machine.
Quilting06_736.JPG (80532 bytes)
Jo's quilt nearing completion.
Quilting06_737.JPG (83483 bytes)
Jo's quilt has figures sewn on to the patches.
Quilting06_738.JPG (91495 bytes)
The back side of Jo's quilt, showing the stitching of each figure.
Quilting06_739.JPG (53949 bytes)
Jo is using Dana's sewing machine.  The Brother is on the left.
Quilting06_740.JPG (58754 bytes)
Natasha is preparing the ID tag she will sew on to her quilt.

The following pictures show the early steps of making the quilts.
They were taken in the first months of the project.
Click on the thumbnails for a full size photo.

Jo working on her applique wolves.

Heather helping Laura to cut out her first raggy quilt.

Melissa learning how to use a rotary cutter to cut out her quilt.

Jo ( on left) working on her wolves. Alyse cutting out her raggy quilt in bright colors.

Laura cutting with the rotary cutter ( Watch those fingers!)

Dana making sure Laura measures correctly before cutting.

Mom (Diane) and Melissa cutting out squares for raggy quilt.

Alyse measuring for her squares, using a rotary cutter & acrylic ruler.


Carly (little sister) inspecting big sister (Alyse) work.

Pictures from 2004-2005 Quilting Project

Jo on left finishing the machine quilting on her applique wolf wall hanging. Catie on right finishing the piecing on her quilt.

Catie and her 50's quilt, just needs tied.

Close up of Catie's 50's quilt.

Laura laying out her raggy quilt.

Jo's finished wolf applique wallhanging.

Melissa created a Raggy quilt.


Here is a close-up of Melissa's label on her Raggy quilt.


Photos from 2003-2004 Quilting Project, below

The Quilting Project is hard at work.

Jo is carefully sewing a seam.

Heather is paying close attention to her fingers as she feverishly works to meet the dead line.

Jo is all done and is taking a break.

Heather, working with her eyes closed.

Heather, her eyes focused on the sharp needle, close to her fingers.

Jocelyn, using the Featherweight 222 sewing machine, under Dana's watchful eye.

Jocelyn is learning how to wind a bobbin from the Project Leader, Dana.

Layout of Heather's Raggy Christmas Tree Quilt. Checking to see that the prints are distributed evenly.

Heather trying out her new Raggy quilt.

Close up of all of Heather's trimming skills.

Jo's Raggy Bunny quilt. Check out the bunnies running diagonally across her quilt.

Jo and her Raggy Bunny quilt. See the smile after all of the hard work.


Everyone's finished and still smiling. Good Work Girls.

Last updated December 07, 2014