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Pygmy Goat Project Page

  The Project Leaders are Shannon and David Whipple.


Pygmy goats are a small breed of goat that originated in Africa and generally grow to a weight between 40-70 Ibs. and reach a height of 16-23 inches at the withers (top of front shoulders). Their diet includes alfalfa, grain, water, and sometimes a mineral supplement depending on the Selenium content of their
regular diet. Unlike other goats, they can be bred year round and have a gestation period of roughly 5 months bearing 1-3 kids generally (but have been known to bear more!). They are known to be a great 4H project for young kids due to their friendliness, ease of maintenance, and rather small living

Group Meetings:
The Pygmy Goat group meets once a month, sometimes rotating between members houses to go over show etiquette, grooming, and health.

Some of the shows to look forward to are:
Eastern San Diego County Junior Fair (May)
San Diego County Fair (June -July)
Ramona Junior Fair (July - August)
San Diego Pygmy Goat Association (Spring and Fall) *Bucks Allowed

We also do volunteer work at events given throughout the year (usually about 3) either cooking, a petting zoo, or general help.


Sydney and friend hold a pygmy goat, April 2015.

Sydney, Randal, and Freind hold a pygmy goat, April 2015.

The Pygmy Goat Project group preparing for, and at, the 2005 San Diego County Fair.
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Photos taken at the Fallbrook Show Season Opener, April 9, 2005

Catie with her goat, "Bunny".





Practicing for Showmanship at the February 2004 Pygmy Goat Project meeting. 
Note the extra "goats" in the lineup.


New Arrival
Here is the latest addition to the our little herd, born to Proverbial Pygmies Hoppin Bunnie and the Bonney's Crocket, Wednesday morning, 2/4/04, at about 9:25. His name is White Moon Pygmies Cloudy Sky, Sky for short. Heartfelt thanks to Donna Elkins for her excellent coaching over the phone (Could have named him Cingular Sensation!!!)..... And now I know what the inside of a goat feels like :0)
Teri and Catie 

White Moon Pygmies Cloudy Sky (Sky for short) with Mom, Bonney's Crocket.

White Moon Pygmies Cloudy Sky (aka. Sky).

 Melissa's baby doe kid and her brother Moose one of the first on the ground for 2003.

Molly                              Moose        

Chloe                                Janie Mae             

Cupid is Melissa Holland's bottle baby for the 2002 year he was born two days before valentines day. 

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