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Primary CloverBuds 4-H Project

This project is for the Primary 4-H members (ages 5 through 8) so they can get familiar with 4-H and handling small animals.

Project Leaders Iris Hix and Molly Given will be working directly with the Primary age group of 4-H members during monthly meetings. We will focus on age appropriate activities that will teach the cloverbuds about 4-H and it's philosophy. Cloverbuds are children ages 5-8 in 4-H years. Our goal is for every cloverbud to enter a project in the San Diego Fair at Del Mar.

Who I am:  Hi, I'm Molly Given! This will be my third year in 4-H. My daughter Evelyn (age 7) and Randall (age 5 1/2) are both Cloverbuds. Living on a farm for the past six years have inspired our love for 4-H. 

Pictures of the 4-H Primaries at the June 2014 Arts and Crafts meeting. They did 4-H spray painted T-shirts!  Pictures provided by Molly and Wendy.

The Primary "Clover Buds" members are occupied during the May 2010 Unit meeting.

At the November 2005 Meeting.  The Primary Members made Turkey Cupcakes.

The October 2005 Primary Project meeting, held during the Unit Meeting.

Last updated December 07, 2014