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Poultry Project

The Project Leader is Kelli Helms.

The meetings are held on the 2nd Sunday of the month at 3:30 pm.

- Each animal will be at a different time. This way we can focus your animal. Usually we
have cavy, then rabbit and poultry last. You only need to come to the meeting for your
type of animal.
- Members can do one, two or all three projects.
- Members are not required to have an animal to do the project. We can help you find an
animal if you would like to get one. If you would like to show your animal at the fair
later in the year, you will need to know the animal requirements. Please wait to get an
animal if you do not already have one.

Come join the fun!
Members will learn through a variety of hands-on activities such as games, making knowledge
books and working with animals.
- Proper care
- Knowledge of health, breeds, varieties, anatomy
- Showmanship
- Take your animal to the fair!

Small and Large Animal Learning Day "2008" Poultry2010_001.jpg (109919 bytes)
Poultry Show
Poultry2010_006.jpg (85831 bytes)
Poultry Show
Poultry2010_465.jpg (70618 bytes)
Haley poses her chicken on the judging table.
Poultry2010_469.jpg (77382 bytes)
Haley poses for the judge.
Poultry2010_494.jpg (87724 bytes)
Seniors pose with their poultry as Chelsea steps forward for the judge.
Poultry2010_495.jpg (74231 bytes)
Seniors pose with their poultry for the judge. Chelsea looks at the camera.

Haley G. is showing her chicken.

Britney is showing her chicken" Mr. Yokohama".

Punk-Melissa Holland's Polish Rooster

Ralph-cochin rooster-owner Melissa Holland

Last updated September 18, 2016