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Photography Project

The Project Leader is Nira Clark.

Here are the meeting dates, times and locations:

Date Time Location
Sunday Sept. 18, 2016 2-4pm Balboa Park Botanical Building 1549 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101 Admission is free.
Sunday Oct. 16, 2016 10am-12pm St Pius Church in Jamul- Gymkhana event and BBQ 14107 Lyons Valley Rd, Jamul, CA 91935 (619) 669-0085 Admission is free.
Sunday Nov. 20, 2016 2-4pm  Waterfront Park 1600 Pacific Hwy Downtown San Diego. Meet in front of the County Administration Center Building. Admission is free.
Saturday Jan. 22, 2017 2-4pm San Diego Zoo or Self-guided photoshoot at your own location, bring your proof sheets to the next meeting!
Sunday Feb 26, 2017 2-4pm Ranch San Diego Public Library 11555 Via Rancho San Diego El Cajon, CA. Admission is free.


  • Digital Camera

  • Access to a computer: Somewhere you can download pictures, sort them and select 10 (or less) to put on a "proof sheet". I use Microsoft Word and Staples.

  • 4-H members must attend 3 photoshoots and attend one club fundraiser in order to get credit for this project. Adults must accompany their kids, but cannot attend in their place.

  • To earn a photography pin, members must also enter at least one photo at one Fair or event (Art and Design Day, Lakeside Fair, Del Mar Fair or Ramona Fair). You must tell the club of your entry at the next club meeting.


  • Proof sheets - 10 pictures (or less) printed on 1-2 pieces of paper per photoshoot.  Staples does color printing from a flash drive for $0.59 each page = $10 max entire year

  • Photo prints (4 - 5x7, $2-$15 each depends on where you go, we will talk about this.)


  • Learn how to use a camera.

  • Take pictures of different subjects using different techniques.

  • Print photos for entering into Arts and Design Day, Lakeside Fair and Del Mar Fair.

  • Have fun!

Photoshoot: These are our project meetings. We will be meeting at different locations (see above) to take interesting pictures. We will learn something new about photography at each photoshoot. 4H members are then expected to download all images onto a computer at home.

Proof sheet: Photos are fun and easy to take! Now the hard part ... editing and sorting all these pictures. I will ask that each 4H member present 10 photos (max) per photoshoot on 1-2 pages (max). These are "due" the next project meeting. For example, I want each 4-H member to bring a proof sheet of the Balboa Park photoshoot to the next meeting at St. Pius Church in Jamul. I will show you examples, and it is fine if a parent helps you to lay out your proof sheet.

These proof sheets will be shown to all 4H members in the project, it is important that all images be appropriate for any audience. Ask me if you are unsure. These proof sheets will be saved and used to select the final pictures to be printed for Arts and Design Day (March), the Lakeside Fair (May) and Del Mar Fair (June). More details will be given during the photoshoot.


First Photography project meeting at Balboa Park Botanical Building, September 18, 2016! They loved it.

Photography project at Quallcom stadium, April 2015.

Photography project meeting At Cuyamaca College Water Conservation Garden. November 8, 2014


Picture taken by Tina Merlino for the 2003 E.S.D.C.J.F.

Picture taken by Tina Merlino for the 2003 E.S.D.C.J.F.

Picture submitted by Christine Noriega, January 2008.

Picture submitted by Christine Noriega, January 2008.

  Last updated October 23, 2016