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Horse and Pony Project Page

The Horse and Pony Project.  The project leaders are Patty Hyslop, and Cynthia Hamberg.

Pictures from the last horse show (February 2010).
Submitted by Chelsea Smith
Click on the thumbnails for a full size photo.
HorseFeb10_1443.jpg (66627 bytes) HorseFeb10_1447.jpg (73514 bytes) HorseFeb10_1460.jpg (88733 bytes)
HorseFeb10_1463.jpg (88303 bytes) HorseFeb10_1464.jpg (86056 bytes) HorseFeb10_1483.jpg (60810 bytes)
HorseFeb10_1454.jpg (70278 bytes) HorseFeb10_1478.jpg (39968 bytes) HorseFeb10_1488.jpg (79907 bytes)

HorseFeb10_1480.jpg (60970 bytes)



Pictures submitted by Toni Yost, Jan. 2009
Click on the thumbnails for a full size photo.


brit_and_morgan.jpg forest.jpg Friends.jpg
Friends 2.jpg good_casandra.jpg supporting_friends.jpg
patty_mambo.jpg Small Running
Good_front_sumi_britt.jpg Tumbleweed_Show.jpg Horse_winning.jpg

Pictures submitted by Cynthia Hamberg
Click on the thumbnails for a full size photo.

Learning to lunge

Morgan Davis on red hot chili pepper

Forrest Sallee on shake"n"jake

Misca Lopez on great chief

Jena is being a great helper for the younger kids



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