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Home Arts Projects

There are several Home Arts projects this year: 

Needlework and Knitting - offered by Catherine Rodman.

Sewing and Fashion Revue  -  This is a Cross-Over Project with Project Leader Jamie Dyer of Japatul 4-H Club.  If you want to join the project, please fill out the Cross-Over Project Form.  


Photos from previous project years:

Sewing2010_148.JPG (121219 bytes)
Rachel made this "Pirate's" outfit for the horse costume party in October 2010.
Sewing2010_150.JPG (109462 bytes)
Another picture of Rachel's Pirate's outfit.
Photos taken at the April 2, 2010 (Good Friday) Sewing and Fashion Revue Project Meeting at Dulzura Community Building FashionApril2010_006.JPG (61629 bytes)
The Fashion revue.
FashionApril2010_007.JPG (50710 bytes)
The girls model the clothes they made.
FashionApril2010_008.JPG (63942 bytes)
Lindsay says "What is a cheesecake pose?"
FashionApril2010_009.JPG (74580 bytes)
OK - Like this?
FashionApril2010_011.JPG (54981 bytes)
Now the backside.

Quilting  -  Project Leader Dana Fletcher, not offered this year.

(Click on the picture for more information about the Quilting Project)

Dana making sure Laura measures correctly before cutting.

Baking  -  (not offered this year).


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