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Dairy Goat Project Page

The Dairy Goat Project.  The project leader is Donna Elkins.


Judge Donna Elkins drawing blood for a health test for the Jamul Chaparros dairy goat group.

November 7, 2010

DairyGoat200.JPG (114684 bytes)
The goat is in the stanchion.
DairyGoat201.JPG (111006 bytes)
DairyGoat202.JPG (115071 bytes)
DairyGoat203.JPG (69090 bytes)
DairyGoat204.JPG (78530 bytes)
Success in drawing blood.
Dairy Goat kids being born.

Submitted by Chelsea, April 2010.

Click on the picture for full size.

DairyGoatApril2010_150.jpg (71883 bytes)
This dairy goat has just delivered her kids. The still wet youngster is being introduced to mama's milk.
DairyGoatApril2010_159.jpg (71980 bytes)
Just a few minutes old. Mama is cleaning it up.
DairyGoatApril2010_168.jpg (70762 bytes)
DairyGoatApril2010_171.jpg (79373 bytes)
Now settled down.
DairyGoatApril2010_173.jpg (92082 bytes)


Picture submitted by Christine Noriega, January 2008.

Picture submitted by Christine Noriega, January 2008.

Picture of O'lena from Frank Scavo 

Pride (brown) and Kodak (spotted), nubian bucklings just an hour old, they were born 3/29/03 Picture by Veronica Scavo

Apollo (left) and Rain (right), two-tone chamoisee alpine kids born 4/18/03, they are one and a half weeks old here. Picture by Veronica Scavo. 


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