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Computer & Web Site Design Project Page

This project is held usually on the Sunday after the Unit Meeting.  Starting time is 5:00 pm.  Age requirements are nine and above.  The goal of the project is to maintain the website and help publish the Acornicle newsletter using a number of computer programs including FrontPage, Word, Paint Shop Pro, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, JAlbum, WebCalendar, and others.  The project leader is Gene Peterson.

The History of the Jamul Chaparros Web Site

The Jamul Chaparros Computer Project created this web site in 1999 with the help of project members Nicole, Nick, and Russell.  The first web site was on the free server at  This site was left there, but not maintained, until Yahoo closed down in October 2009.

After a few months trying to use a dial-up modem service, we moved the meetings to the Fletchers, where we had access to cable internet service.  In 2001 we decided to change the web site to so we could use FrontPage to automatically upload the growing number of pages and pictures.

We quickly found that only 10 Megabytes of free web space was not enough for the expanding club information and activities, so we looked for other options.  Russell Peterson is now running his own computer business, All Star Computers (formally known as Krumbles Computers), and he contributed 200 megabytes for the club web site.  We purchased and registered the domain name  in July 2003, to make is easy for club members and leaders to remember the web site address.

In January 2005, the County 4-H Office loaned the club a refurbished computer, which is being used to maintain the club web site and other club operations.  Our web site is currently around 100 mega bytes of information and pictures about our club and activities.

Click Here to See the Inside of a Computer

Samantha and Debbie are working on the club web site at the October 2014 project meeting, held at the offices of All Star Computers.


Liam and Andrew in the Computer and Web Design on October 6th 2013

Adam joined the Computer and Website Design Project in 2011.  Here he is making changes to the website in October 2011.  Adam wanted to create a web page of his own, so he created one.  Here is Adams webpage.

At the September 2010 project meeting Lindsey learns how to make changes to the club's website.

At the September 2010 meeting, Gene is watching Christina update the WebCalendar as Haley adds her photos and captions to the Photos Of the Month.

At the February 2007 Meeting, George came to help Ali update our web site.

At the February 2007 Meeting, George is updating the calendar and Ali is adding comments to the Pictures of the Month.

Ali has been a Computer Project member since 2005.  She has been a big help with maintaining the web site.  This picture was taken at the January 2007 meeting.

Nick with new members Hannah & Elijah at Dec 2002 Meeting.

Nick and Raquel working on the Chaparros web page.  2002-2003 Computer Project members.

Start of the new year. Kevin Fletcher is in control. 

Russell Peterson the Assistant Leader, Nick and Tyler working together to create a wonderful web page for the rest of the world to enjoy. 

The Computer Group is at it again, updating the web page that these three faithful members have created from scratch.

AFTER Y2K! Computer project January 2000. Gene, Wylie, Russell and Nick.

BEFORE Y2K! Computer Project in December 1999. Russell, Nick, and Nikki are selecting pictures to add to the web site.

  In the beginning of the web site project, June 1999. Gene, Russell, Nick and Nikki.

Some of the information for the web site was provided by Roy DeVault, at the San Diego County 4-H Office. We thank him for his help and encouragement. 

    Last updated November 14, 2015