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Baking Project Page

The Baking project.  The project leader is Heather Watts.  The meetings will be held at the Watts' home at 2:00 pm on the 3rd Sunday each month.

Check the WebCalendar for the latest dates and times!

Photos taken at the November, 2014 Project Meeting 


Photos taken at the April 2, 2010 (Good Friday) Project Meeting at Dulzura Community Building

DecoratingApril2010_017.JPG (71198 bytes)
The girls are learning how to decorate cakes.
DecoratingApril2010_018.JPG (87653 bytes)
DecoratingApril2010_019.JPG (77753 bytes)
Jessie shows off her finished cake.
DecoratingApril2010_020.JPG (63199 bytes)
Nancy poses with evidence of snitching a bite, on her face.
DecoratingApril2010_022.JPG (42564 bytes)
Lindsay poses with her decorated cake and cupcakes.
DecoratingApril2010_023.JPG (46904 bytes)
Rachel's finished cake.


Photos taken at the November 2009 Project Meeting

Also read the story below the pictures.

Jannettie, Lindsay, and Jessie are preparing the cookie dough.

Haley and Lindsey are working on the next batch while Rachel takes the cookies off the cookie sheet.

Mary and Rachel stand behind their product for 165 servicemen and women.

A Sweet Way to Perform Community Service - November 2009

 The Jamul Chaparros baking project group found a sweet way to combine learning, baking, and community service.  Last fall at each of their project meetings they baked cookies, some to take home, and some to put in their project leader’s freezer.  Project leader, Mary Bradley, originally wanted to take these extra cookies to the USO; however, when her daughter, Anna Takasugi, told her that one of her co-workers was involved with a group of people who put together care packages to send to the troops overseas, the project took on a slightly different direction.  They now had a goal of sending a half-dozen cookies to 165 servicemen and women.  If you take the time to do the math, you’ll discover this meant baking 82+ dozen cookies.  Since Anna came up with this idea, she was enlisted to help to bake the cookies as well. 

The baking project group consisted of Haley, Jannettie, Jessie, Lindsay, Lindsey, and Rachel.  They helped to bake the following types of cookies:  Chocolate Chip, Holiday M&M Cookies, Dark Chocolate cookies with cherry and vanilla chips, Oatmeal Raisin, Snickerdoodles, and Molasses Crinkles.   165 individual take out boxes containing the cookies were decorated with holiday stickers and a note that read, “Happy Holidays to you!  We love our troops.  These were baked especially for you by the Jamul Chaparros 4-H Club.”   

On Nov. 27th, the cookies were taken to Rancho Bernardo where they were boxed up with the other items that were being shipped by Operation America Supports You and the American Legion Women’s Auxiliary Unit #146.  Operation America Supports You has received several thank you letters from the troops for all the goodies they received, and they have also asked for more cookies!

Submitted by Rachel to the San Diego County 4-H newsletter, January 19, 2010


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