March 2017

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Club Officers

President – Natalie Helms

Vice-Pres.– Jack Sullivan

Secretaries – Jane & Sara Clark

Treasurer – Sydney Helms

Sgt. at Arms – Sara Clark

Reporter – Sydney Helms

Supply Officer – Jason Morris

Historian – Melody Hix

Recreation – Carter Teasdale

Healthy Living Officer – Andrew Hendrix

Teen Council Rep -


Community Club Leaders Message:


Hello Jamul Chaparros!


Thank you to those who supported our baked goods table last Sunday at the Eastern San Diego County Junior Fair BBQ and Auction. We raised over $300 for the Investment for Youth Scholarship Fund. Thank you to Sydney and Natalie Helms for manning the booth!


This was a busy weekend for other members with County Presentation Day on Saturday. Congratulations to Sara and Jane Clark and Carter Teasdale for receiving gold medals for their presentations!


The registrations for Eastern San Diego County Junior Fair and San Diego County Fair are open now!  Please see below for entry deadlines and additional instructions.  Additionally, if you have a member who will be entering the fairs and who was 9 years old as of March 31, 2017, you MUST have a  completed  Annual  Project Report (APR).


**Please note that Kelli is out of town and unavailable from April 1st, 2017.  If you have fair questions or concerns, you MUST contact Wendy directly, after this date.


See you at our next Unit Meeting, Tuesday (before Easter Sunday), April 11th at 6:30pm at the Jamul Primary School. At this meeting, our board will be soliciting nominations for next year’s positions. Please consider running for one of our positions!  


Wendy and Kelli


President’s Message


I can’t believe how close we are getting to the end of the year.  The fair is coming up soon and I’m so excited!  This is a fun time of the 4-H year and I recommend all of our members try to participate or check out as many events as they can.




Jamul Chaparros Pride T-Shirts:  Please consider showing your Jamul Chaparros Pride by sporting a club t-shirt at all 4-H events!  You may purchase a t-shirt from our Supply Officer, Jason Morris, at any unit meeting.  We are currently in the process of redesigning our t-shirts as well!


Project Leaders


Please continue to send Gene Peterson, your upcoming project dates. We’d like to keep our website updated for our members.




March 25th:  We ask that you submit your on-line registration for ESDCJF by this date to allow time for your club leaders to approve you in the system.  PLEASE contact Kelli or Wendy directly if you do not enroll by this date so that we are looking for your entry.

March 31st:  ESDCJF entry deadline

April 4th:  Deadline to turn in ESDCJF paperwork and fees to Wendy.  Please contact her directly to make arrangements (

April 11th at 6:30pm:  Our next unit meeting.

April 11th:  Deadline for Annual Project Report turn-in to Wendy! You may turn these in at the Unit Meeting if your project leader has not yet done so.

May 3rd:  Entry deadline for Creative Youth at the San Diego County Fair:

May 5th:  Entry deadline breed animals (pygmy goats project) at the San Diego County Fair. Your project leaders should be providing you with information.

May 12th:  Entry deadline small animals   at the San Diego County Fair. Your project leaders should be providing you with information.

May 13th, 9am to Noon:  Home Arts turn in for ESDCJF;

May 14th - 21st:  Eastern San Diego County Junior Fair week.


Annual Project Reports:


For those of you new to fair entries, this can be a confusing time. In  order to compete as a 4-H member in local fairs  (up to the state level), you must provide your Annual Project Reports that indicate the time you have spent, and time that you will spend, on a particular project.


Many of your project leaders have been maintaining these for you and will be in communication with you. This is a state requirement. Please contact your project leaders directly if you have any questions about this requirement. You may also contact Wendy or Kelli.


These must be turned in by your club leaders immediately following our next Unit meeting. Project leaders and parents, please plan to bring these to the next unit meeting or make arrangements with Wendy to get them to her.


Eastern San Diego County Junior Fair:


The online entries for this fair close on March 31st. However, your club leaders MUST approve you prior to your entry being finalized. Please do not wait until the last minute to enter. We will not necessarily be available at the last minute to approve your entries. We ask that you enroll by March 25th in order for us to handle any last minute issues.


If you do not enroll by March 25th, please notify Wendy or Kelli immediately, so that we may help get you enrolled successfully.


You must also print up the ethics agreement and the registration forms, as well as provide the fees to Wendy or Kelli. If it is April 1st or later, you MUST provide this to Wendy, as Kelli will be out of town. We, as a club, must submit these items to the fair on April 6th. Individuals may not turn these items in on their own.


Club Officer Nominations:


We will be accepting nominations for the following positions at the next club meeting. Please have your member consider running for one of these positions:



Vice President




Healthy Living Officer

Recreation Leader

Supply Officer


Sergeant At Arms


Project Reports


Project leaders!  Please consider providing a summary of your projects for inclusion into the newsletter!


Oratory Project


Nira Clark led our Oratory Project this year and three of our members, Sara and Jane Clark and Carter Teasdale, competed at both Area V and County Presentation Days. All three of them performed well, receiving gold ratings at both events. Mrs. Clark spent a lot of Friday afternoons with the members practicing their presentations and providing them with skills for public speaking!  Thank you to Nira for a great and successful project!


Computer and Website Design Project


The Computer and Website Design Project meeting updated the date of the next Unit Meeting on the home page and added the pictures taken at the March Unit Meeting and the ESDCJF BBQ.  The BBQ pictures were also added to the ESDCJF pictures.  The club Web Calendar was updated with the latest information.  The on-line copy of the club’s Constitution and By-Laws were updated to the current approved version.  The newsletter was emailed to the members and added to the web site.  The project plans on adding more of the historical Acornicle newsletters to the web site archives so they can be read on-line at  The next project meeting is scheduled for April 16, which is Easter Sunday, so the date and time may be adjusted if there are family activity conflicts.  If you are interested in the project, send an email to


Gene Peterson – Computer Project Leader, and Webmaster



Kudos Corner:  We know that our 4-Hers are busy and successful outside of 4-H as well! Please send us items that you would like to share with our group and we will include them in our Kudos Corner.  Got straight As on a report card?  Are you working towards Boy Scout or Girl Scout badges?  Did your sports team do well this weekend?  4-H is all about using our Heads, Hearts, Hands, and Health so let's celebrate when we do!


Project Leaders


Please continue to send Gene Peterson, your upcoming project dates. We’d like to keep our website updated for our members.




If you have any 4-H related photos (last year’s fairs, project meetings, Jamul Parade, Fall Festival, Bates Nut Farm fundraiser, County Achievement Night, Santee Swap Meet fundraiser, County Presentation Day, ESDCJF BBQ …) you would like to share, please send them to and Gene will add them to the web site.


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